A Turnkey Guide To Starting and Running A Lawn Care Business

A 25 Year Lawn Care Business Owner Takes You Step-By-Step On How To Set Up A Lawn Care Business Quickly & Easily!

A Step-By-Step How To Guide To Starting Your Own Lawn Care Business A to Z

Quickly & Easily start your own highly-profitable Lawn Care business hassle-free

Experienced Lawn Care Businessman Reveals His Secrets To Immediate & Long Term Success

A Lawn Care Business Owner, Now With Over 600+ commercial operations throughout The U.S. & Canada Divulges Everything He's Learned In The Business Over The Past 25 Years, Providing The Resources, Tools & Information Needed To Profit In the Lawn care Industry.  You'll learn how to acquire new customers, become more efficient, and boost income exponentially WITHOUT working any harder or longer than you normally would throughout your day-to-day operations.

General Overview Of Our Site

Start A Lawn Care Business is dedicated to providing you with the resources, tools, information & business contacts you'll need to quickly & easily set up a lucrative lawn care business hassle-free.  Whether you have startup capital or not, we'll show you how to generate immediate income in the lawn care business.

Our staff has over 70 years in both the Residential & Commercial lawn care industry, and know first hand how difficult it can be for a startup business.  We're here to assist you in realizing your desire to be self-employed, while teaching you how to position your operation for unlimited earnings potential.

The residential & commercial lawn care industry offers an immediate source of income regardless of age, location or language spoken.

We know, that regardless of where you live, whenever there's nice weather, you'll see vehicles towing trailers with lawn care equipment driving from property to property charging customers substantial amounts of money by simply mowing a lawn and/or throwing fertilizer down.  These jobs take roughly 1 to 2 1/2 hours each and all money received is pocketed (for independent lawn care businesses), and consequently, millions of people across the U.S., Canada & Europe have immersed themselves into it. 

Why you may ask? Because there's always a need for lawn care professionals and service fees always come at top price as standard practice.

Based off of data from 2000 anonymous lawn care business surveys through 5 reputable industry publications, the average independent lawn care specialist spent 3-5 hours a day working earning an average of $380 on each outing last year.

In the U.S. & Canada alone, one usually makes anywhere between $100-$500 a day servicing lawns whether working independently or operating with a crew. If you doubt that number, just ask anyone who's in the business. The average work day is between 2-5 hours! Imagine, making the same amount as a FULL-TIME 40-60 hour/week employee working in a regular work environment.

Thousands of North Americans & Europeans are quitting their day jobs to start their own highly profitable lawn care business earning six-figures a year.  On average by simply lining up 1-4 customers daily, 4-5 days a week, you could be easily generating $100k USD a year NET REVENUE 'Take Home" because the only hard expenses you'll incur is the cost of fuel driving from Point A to Point B.

Why work for someone else earning less than ideal wages, when you could be working outdoors making hundreds daily.  What you have to ask yourself is; why take orders from a hot-headed supervisor who had a bad hair day, when you can be your own boss, doing something that is considered a leisurely homeowner activity on the weekends.  Although there are many homeowners that would rather cut their own grass and save a few dollars, there are those that will PAY, and indeed they DO.

Learning how to tap into this highly-lucrative industry is key for short & long term success.  By knowing where to go & who to contact, you'll be able to earn up to $700/day from an Independent Lawn care Operation and up to $3k USD/daily from a Commercial Crew-Run Operation servicing multiple properties at once.  Our featured guidebook shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to get the ball rolling.

At our site, we offer an Internationally renown, industry proven guidebook written by the owner of this site & some of the largest Lawn care Business Franchise Owners in the United States that have agreed to reveal their proven trade secrets, taking you step-by-step, showing you how to start your own Lawn Care Business risk-free in any market or country. 

Yes, that's right!  Even though our guide caters to North American & European residents, you can apply the same business model to any country in the world. We're dedicated to the lawn care industry, and enjoy assisting others start their own highly profitable independent or commercial lawn care operations.

With over 1000 positive industry references, we can say that we are the authority in the Lawn Care Business Startup Sector on the Internet.  There are dozens sites that follow-us, reselling our information in an incomplete format and we advise you to be aware. We've been online since 1995 and enjoy helping enthusiastic entrepreneurs start their own businesses step-by-step on a personable one-on-one level.

Independent Lawn care Businesses

Private / Independent Lawn care Specialists

The question you have to ask yourself is why work 8-10 hours a day making slightly more than minimum wage when you can work less and make 2-4 times as much per hour with nobody telling you what to do. That's right, no annoying supervisor directing you.

The average property takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to service and you make $50-$400 per job cash-in-hand for each visit. Now, just imagine providing lawn care services for 2-3 clients a day, 4 days a week making $150-$1200 a day or ($600-$5k USD a week). Foreigners, and low-income wage earners are literally flocking to this industry making twice as much as the middle-class working professional.

Based off of recent U.S. & Canadian lawn care industry statistics, a large influx of 8-12 hour a day workers are changing professions engaging in the lawn care industry for more money than they've ever made before.

In Latin America, Africa & Asia, independent lawn care professionals & major companies have been around for hundreds of years. The only problem is that labor is cheap in those regions, and lawn care workers only make a fraction (about 10% on average) of what American, Canadian & European lawn care professionals make.

In the U.S., Canada & Europe, lawn care business owners truly rake in the cash.

FINDING CLIENTS - > You might be worried how to find clients... Well, that's easy! They come to you. An increasing amount of American & Canadian homeowners & businesses are getting use to the idea of having someone maintain their time-consuming lawn care chores.

Simply place a classified ad or hit up a conversation with a few people, and before you know it, you've got several clients. In this industry, it's all about references. Word spreads fast, and if you ask your friends or acquaintances to mention you when somebody needs lawn care service, they will come calling YOU first.  Consumers in general trust those that they know more.

Being in the industry for decades, we personally know independent lawn care professionals making $50k-$170k USD a year just working a few hours a day riding their mowers.

Sure, we can sit here all day telling you how easy it is to find new clients & the amount of money you can earn. But, we really don't want to do that.

An independent lawn care specialist can literally "clean up" working by themselves or with a partner if they know how to set up & run their business properly.

Within our eBook, you will find everything you need to quickly start, run & manage your own HIGHLY-PROFITABLE lawn care business within 7-10 days.

And, it's not like the work is difficult. Just jump on a riding lawnmower, spread some fertilizer or blow leaves.  That's it! You're done in 1-3 hours and you've got $50-$400 in your pocket.

Below, you will find a list some of the duties performed by Lawn care Workers:

Includes collection of grass clippings, edging of all landscapes and pertinent trimming, as well as blowing of all decks, patios, and landscapes.
Weeding of beds by hand or by the application of herbicides and pre- emergents.
Spring and fall mulch/cleanups are offered.
Shrubs and trees up to 15-18' will be sheared or selectively hand pruned following standard horticultural practices.
Usually consisting of 3 visits between October-December, leaves will be deposited on site per customer direction or hauled away at an additional charge.
Spring/fall gutter cleanings include clearing roof of debris using blowers, rakes or by hand. Screens/gutter guards will be temporarily removed as necessary, and all gutters will be cleared completely. The crew will then 'flush' or 'snake' all above-ground downspouts.
This service provides for the design and installation of seasonal annuals, spring and/or fall.
This can include spring 'turn on' and fall 'turn off/winterizing' services. We will help you to determine the proper timing lengths for your system.
Provide snow removal for your home or business on a contract basis.

"Industry" Commercial Lawn care Services

Working as an independent lawn care business owner has its benefits for the individual, but running your own mass-scale commercial lawn care services with multiple employees is something different. Within our featured guidebook, we will show you how to start your own INDEPENDENT or COMMERCIAL Lawn care Service quickly & easily, with virtually no financial risk at all through funding of Government Grants that are in fact, easily obtainable through our backdoor agency contacts specifically for this "Property Maintenance" business sector.

An independent Lawn care Specialist can make anywhere from $30-$170k year servicing both residential & commercial properties, whereas a commercial lawn care service "business owner" with multiple employees can generate up to $500k annually in revenue with net income of $260-$300k. Only a $100-500 is required for startup using our proven business model!!!!

With a commercial lawn care business, you will be able to pay your workers a percentage of the money you receive from your clients without having to lift a finger. No work is required of you! Perform a web search for commercial lawn care services throughout any city in the U.S.. What you'll find are hundreds of thousands of businesses!!!

You don't need a degree or an MBA to start & run a profitable lawn care business.

Just start out with a couple of couple of mowers, trimmer, a blower/vacuum, basic gardening tools and you're good to go . Then, you recruit workers and have them go out soliciting new business. You make money hand over fist without doing any thing. The more clients you or your employees sign up, the more money you & your workers will make. It's a fact...

You can confirm this by talking to any successful lawn care business owner. In fact, a substantial amount of the content featured in our guidebook came from the most reputable lawn care companies across the U.S. through one-on-one interviews.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that if you purchase our featured guidebook, you will become rich over night. Rather, we guarantee that if you follow our guidebook, step-by-step, YOU TOO will be raking in the cash with your own COMMERCIAL LAWN CARE SERVICE. Startup will be virtually financially risk-free with our proven "market tested" business plan.

Equipment Needed

Whether you're planning on starting an independent lawn care business or commercial lawn care service, one thing that you should know is that equipment is very inexpensive, especially if you buy used or from the manufacturer directly. Within our featured guidebook, we'll provide you with a list of non-publicized industry auctions that you can attend to purchase used home or commercial-grade lawn care equipment, including but not limited to: Riding Lawnmowers, Traditional Lawnmowers, Fertilizers "manual and automated", Blowers, Gardening Tools, etc... Additionally, you'll be able to purchase high-end, name brand riding lawnmowers for less than $300 DIRECT FROM CHINA through private & public auctions and through wholesalers over the Internet.

We've been in the lawn care business for several decades, and are dedicated to teaching people how to start their own Residential or Commercial lawn care operation headache-free, using our professionally written, easy-to-understand, A to Z guidebook over the past 10 years.

If you're just starting out as an independent lawn care specialist or launching a Commercial Lawn care Service with multiple employees, start out with a couple of mowers and some general gardening tools. Then use our step-by-step business & marketing tactics to gradually increase your monthly revenue. YOU will determine how much money you make!

Who can start a lawn care service?

Even Though Our Business Startup Guide Primarily Caters To North Americas & Europeans, Our Business Model Can Be Applied To Any Country In The World!

Tested In Over 170 Economies From North America, To Europe To The Far East!

The truth is, any one can start a lawn care business, and anybody who knows anything about the industry will tell you the same, regardless of country of residence. There are other web sites on the Internet selling guides on how to start a lawn care service similar to ours, claming their product is superior that charge anywhere from $24.95 all the way up to $500.

What we did is offered $1000 to an individual not associated with our company, to start a profitable lawn care business using the two guides we had purchased from our competitors on the web. After 1 1/2 months, that individual gave up... although we still gave him the money.

Shortly thereafter, we made the same offer to another individual that used our A-Z guidebook and launched their own PROFITABLE lawncare business within 2 weeks from the start date.

What we tried to due is gauge how effective those guidebooks were in ACTUALLY assisting people to start their own lawn care businesses in the real world, and attempt to identify what resources & information played the most vital roles during the business start-up phase.  The results show that our competitors guidebooks fell short in helping people start their own businesses.

Our mission was to create a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand reference tutorial for those looking to start an independent or crew-based lawn care service. The end result was a guidebook that makes it easy for one to start a SUCCESSFUL Commercial or Residential lawn care business with nothing more than a few hundred dollars in their pocket.

You will not find another guidebook on how to start a lawn care service more intuitive and resourceful as ours on the web, guaranteed!

We have dedicated our lives to the lawn care industry, not only because of the stable income that it provides, but something more valuable; spending time with family & freeing up more time to go on more vacations.

Below, you will find a complete list of countries that the business plan in the "Starting A Lawn care Business A to Z" guidebook can be applied to:

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